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Water Resources Engineering

Water Resources Engineering is a constantly changing field with may recent changes to environmental rules and legislation that govern the management of the Province’s surface water. CCTA has continually been a leader in this field and has continually used an innovative yet practical approach to solving water resource problems. Our experience includes completing master drainage planning studies as well as site specific stormwater management evaluations for both private and public sector applications. We are also proficient in the completion of hydraulic modelling for flood hazard assessments and natural channel designs for flood and erosion control purposes. This includes the necessary design input for the construction of bridges, culverts and dams. We are also intimately familiar with the recent regulatory changes specific to Permit to Take Water regulations and provide advice on Permit to Take Water approvals and compliance monitoring for many clients. We are practical in our approach and have continued success in securing approvals for challenging projects.

Peer Review

CCTA’s water resources team is very knowledgeable in water resources and stormwater management regulations and policies in Ontario. We provide ongoing engineering peer review services to Municipal and Conservation Authority clients related to stormwater management, low impact development (LID), site grading, hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, floodplain studies, natural hazard assessments and sediment and erosion control.

Environmental Management & Master Drainage Plans

Environmental Management, Master Drainage or Secondary Plans (EMP) are interdisciplinary studies carried out on planning areas or development properties. They establish the natural environmental features and areas to be retained/protected as development proceeds (where technically feasible) and a preferred drainage scheme and management measures that when implemented will maintain and enhance the condition of the receiving waters.  These studies also identify opportunities for enhancing the current environmental condition of the development area.  EMPs include Environmental Implementation Reports (EIR), Environmental Assessments (EA), Secondary Plans and watershed studies.

Stormwater Management Studies

Stormwater management projects are completed to support both private and public development applications and involve the assessment of potential impacts associated with development on water quality, erosion, flood hazard, infiltration rates and/or environmental habitat. Reports are prepared and hydrologic modelling (both event and continuous series based), hydraulic modelling, basin sizing/design and detailed infiltration potential calculations are addressed.

Floodplain Management & Hazard Land Studies

CCTA has worked extensively with area Conservation Authorities, the Niagara Escarpment Commission and the Ministry of Natural Resources to successfully ensure that their guidelines for floodplain management and hazard land setbacks are met through the development and land use change process that accompanies it. We are knowledgeable on the applicable Provincial Policies for flooding and setbacks, and apply engineering judgment and calculations to site specific situations to ensure that development can proceed while respecting the necessary rules and regulations. Recent work has been completed on many sites to have regard to the new policies contained within new legislation such as the Lake Simcoe protection Plan and Oak Ridges Moraine Act. Associated design works include hydraulic analysis for culvert and bridge designs, the preparation of floodplain mapping and erosion/natural channel design assessments. Features include steady state and un-steady state HEC-RAS, PPS flood hazard interpretation, culvert flow and bridge analysis, and shoreline hazard studies.

Permit to Take Water Approvals, Certificate of Approvals & Compliance Monitoring

Our Water Resources team has considerable expertise in securing Permits to Take Water for surface water takings and securing renewals that consider the current regulations issued by the Ministry of the Environment. Clients include many ski clubs, golf courses and aggregate producers who require a significant volume of water as part of their site operations (snow making, irrigation and processing). Our expertise includes establishing and maintaining surface water monitoring locations (both interim and permanent) for compliance monitoring purposes and negotiating appropriate terms and conditions that are required for new Permits to Take Water. Features include permit compliance, water quality sampling, flow monitoring and rating curve development.

Water Resources Rehabilitation Projects

These projects involve constructing or rehabilitating existing water resource facilities such as storm sewers, rivers, streams and stormwater management ponds. They involve taking a project through the preliminary design and approval stage and often involve proceedings through the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Process.  Projects include channel rehabilitation and realignments, culvert and storm sewer replacements and stormwater management pond retrofits.

Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality monitoring is undertaken for the purpose of stormwater management compliance monitoring, watercourse assimilation studies, non-point source studies, etc. Specific responsibilities include the development of monitoring programs (both discrete and continuous), field investigations and sample collection, stream gauging, data logger installation/maintenance, water quality data collection, statistical analysis and interpretation of results, technical support, agency liaison and reporting.

Shoreline/Infrastructure Rehabilitation & Remediation

Shoreline/infrastructure rehabilitation and remediation projects include the design, tendering, contract administration and field inspection of various shoreline related projects. Typically these projects require approvals from various agencies and technical design input. They can include dredging, habitat creation, shoreline stabilization (groynes, revetments etc.) and beach creation.

Class Environmental Assessment Studies

To address potential impacts associated with water resource and stormwater management projects and ensure proper consultation with affected public and agency groups, CCTA completes Class Environmental Assessments, typically classified as Schedule B or Schedule C undertakings. In these projects, in addition to the engineering assessments and evaluations, CCTA undertakes public, stakeholder and agency consultation, as well as coordination with various disciplines for thorough environmental impact assessments and evaluations. Thoughtful consideration for public and agency comments and requirements in developing the final, preferred solution is integral to each project.

Construction Implementation

In addition to our engineering design services, CCTA also provides services related to construction implementation. This includes the preparation of construction drawings, contract specifications and tender documents; obtaining the necessary approvals and permits; and completing the tendering process including contractor pre-qualification, equipment pre-selection, advertising, and review of submitted tenders. During construction, we act as a representative to the client and provide contract administration and construction inspection to ensure that the engineering designs and specifications are fully adhered to. Following completion, we prepare for-record drawings to document the final build, and continue to provide support services through to the completion of the construction warranty period.